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Welcome to Catalyzed Minds! As you explore our site, you’ll find detailed explanations of how we help children and adolescents improve academically, but the idea is really very simple. When a young person understands how they, as an individual, learn and work best, they become empowered to succeed. This is true for school, but more importantly, for life.

Child With Father Struggling With Homework
  • Do you see your child struggling in school and worry about his or her future?

  • Has a recent learning disability or gifted diagnosis left you with more questions than answers?

  • Are you tired of fighting over homework and being pushed away when you try to help your child?

  • Are you looking for someone who can understand your child, as a learner and as a person?

Our instructors have years of experience and a wealth of research-based knowledge that we use to help the children we teach. We delight in helping our students grow into successful, confident young men and women.

cat·a·lyze (verb) to alter significantly as if by catalysis, a modification and especially increase in the rate of a chemical reaction

cat·a·lyzed minds (noun, plural) minds that function optimally, using their natural gifts and talents to streamline learning and working

We invite you to learn as much as you’d like within this site, and would be honored to provide a free consultation to determine how to best help your child reach his or her potential.

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